Dennis Holtschneider

Chapter 1


  • Dennis Holtschneider - President, DePaul University

  • Forward

  • Muriel Howard - President, AASCU

  • Richard Ekman - President, CIC

Chapter Overview

Michael Porter has long pointed out the danger for competing organizations to grow into near copies of one another and then have little to distinguish themselves but price. Inevitably, they begin to lose valuable margin as they discount those prices in what becomes a classic bidding war for customers.

Sound familiar? As one business college adds "Big Data" to its offerings, another across town immediately follows. New dormitories at one school are met with new dormitories at another. The latest administrative software is adopted broadly.

The solution, according to Porter, is to think strategically. For him, this means building an organization that is precisely NOT a copy of the rest, but serves a particular market with particular offerings at a particular price point.

Few, if any, are every offered a playbook on strategy before accepting a presidency. President Holtschneider offers 8 lessons on strategy from which others may learn.

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